eisenhart ecoscapes


Design services are available for projects ranging from individual garden beds, to a front or backyard
or an entire property.

Aiming to create environmentally-sound landscapes, eisenhart ecoscapes focuses not only on native plant usage but also the selection of sustainable hardscape materials for paths, walls, furniture and other garden structures.

Not sure which service suits you best? Please contact me.
Clients choose from the following levels of service:
  • A 30-minute consultation via phone call or video-conference.
  • If interested, please e-mail photos of the area(s) of your property where you need landscape design assistance and complete the form below so I can contact you to setup a virtual consultation.
  • A one-hour on-site appointment to discuss your needs and provide recommendations.
  • Fee waived if the you select the photo-realistic or full design option below.
Photo-realistic design

  • Includes the virtual consultation described above.
  • Recommended images of plants and hardscape elements placed onto photos of your property.
  • Descriptive list of plants and hardscape materials provided.
  • A great tool to visualize what your new landscape will look like.
per project scope

  • Includes the virtual consultation and photo-realistic designs described above.
  • A complete two-dimensional (2D) plan featuring the exact placement of plant and hardscape materials.
  • Descriptive list of plants and hardscape materials provided.
  • Plant care information provided.
  • As needed, a contractor(s) will be recommended for installation of plant and/or hardscape materials.
per project scope
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Free Virtual Consultation
Photo-Realistic Design
Full Design Package